Attractiveness of Blondes


    January 15, 2020 by

    How is it like being a good kid? Well, being raised as one I can tell you in between the praise and admiration we get from outside, it is no fun inside. There is no denying that all efforts are jeered with good intentions but the cons that come with are detrimental to the kids for the rest of their lives. Starting with experiencing late-blooms as a comparison to their age-mates and being easily manipulated since they are used to following rules and henceforth suffer for it. They form the majority of introverts out here you can spot them by their appearance always calm and put.s calm and put.

  • Musical Effect

    January 3, 2020 by

    I am quite sure I am not the only one who sinks into daydreaming whenever my jam plays on, the fantasies are just inescapable especially when am alone at home. I always enter this world where I become the musician singing the song while my fans sing along with me on stage. Sometimes being in… Read more

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The beauty of blondes

The stereotypical perception of blonde-haired women over history is that they are attractive and desirable than brunettes and redheads. This has been a fact for long periods of time in various European cultures particularly when the blonde hair is coupled with blue eyes.

This culture is greatly exploited in today’s world especially in advertising and we can all bear witness to this. So why then do we men get attracted to blondes? Well, blondes are just easygoing and fun-loving as compared to their counterparts of course with some exceptions. It is so easy to converse with a blonde whether she is attracted to you or not. Maybe its because they are used to getting all the attention growing up, or as some may argue they are less intelligent (a stereotype from the south in the US) which is of course not true. If you approach blondie chances are, there will be less drama whether she likes you or not as compared to brunettes who are always serious and redheads considered fierce. The looks for blondes are just astonishing, their aging is just slower compared to their counterparts and this is scientifically proven.”Caucasian blondes are usually slightly higher in estrogen than brunettes and are likely to exhibit other infantile sexually selected traits that are considered desirable by men for example; finer facial features, smaller nose, pointed chin, narrow shoulders, smooth skin and less body hair, and infantile behavior such as high energy levels and playfulness.” As written by Carole jahme in ‘The allure of blonde woman.’

Finally, there is the aspect of feminism, in this age of ‘me too’ movement it makes it hard but we men still want women with more feminine traits that go a long way even to being good in bed. We like being in control and blondes just have that magic with them naturally. This may be due to blondes being widely used in advertising and even the pornographic industry has also on a high note exploited blondes due to the traffic they attract. Fun facts about me, I just love blondes I mean who doesn’t? Don’t get me wrong I know this does not apply to all blondes and brunettes but it is true for most of them just go and take a look for yourself and decide. Anyways as they say “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.” Maybe it is how I was raised, but for me and my pals, the biggest failure in life is never having to smash a blondie in your lifetime.


Blonde stereotypes; Wikipedia.

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